For decades, the automotive aftersales business has been a tremendous success for many auto manufacturers and dealerships. Global aftersales revenue (service & parts) amounted to nearly €480 billion in 2017 and profit levels have improved consistently over the past couple of years. Market growth and profitability improvement have been driven partly by the expansion of the “auto park”in many markets but also through more sophisticated pricing of spare parts. The stability of aftersales is vital.

After-sale service assumes a crucial part in reinforcing the bond between the association and clients. The automotive after-sales business has contributed significantly to the financial strength of the car manufacturers and dealers.

We put our customer's success ahead of our own.

We cover a wide horizon of automotive industry. We support our customers with our range of products to offer value added services to their customers. Our products help in customer retention, higher CSI and adding the extra profit to their bottom line.


Automotive OEMs

By becoming an OEM registered vendor, TouchActiv has added another strong credential to its name.


Franchise Dealership Groups

The global Automotive after-sales business has been a success story for decades and is a significant contributor to the financial strength of the automotive industry. We understand the impact of this across the entire automotive customer journey and the growing expectation for additional connected services and aftersales support tailored to them.

Quick Lube1

Multi Brand Service Centers

Customer satisfaction among different Multi-brand car service center has become an important and necessary concept in today’s after sales. It is vital for aftersales to focus on long term relationship with customer. Every aspect of their service from the initial sales call to the maintenance of product sold must exceed the expectation of the customer. It's quality is an important aspect influencing customer satisfaction.

Quick Lube2

Quick Lube Service Centers

The quick lube industry focuses on providing oil changing services  and additional vehicle preventive maintenance services - radiator flushes, brake line cleaning, and power steering fluid flushing. An increase from $5.8 billion to $6 billion in 2017. Quick Lubes make it easy and affordable for vehicle owners to take care of this need without a large time investment.


Fleet Owners - Taxi & Rent a Car

To maximize the availability of fleet vehicles, Proactive Preventive Maintenance services must be performed on a scheduled basis. We help them to lower their cost of repair and elongate the life of vital and expensive spare parts.

Independent Speciliast

Independent Auto Specialists

The presence of independent automotive specialists in the aftersales has brought in the quality of service with genuine spare parts outside of the dealerships has raised the bars for the quality of workmanship in the after sale. We support these such establishments with our value added products & service for their customers.