Every business has a beginning!

Every business situation is unique, so a “canned” approach rarely works. Our four-step process guides our engagements. Since we recognize that every customer's requirements are different, we offer customize solutions for their needs:

    • Requirement Assessment
    • Analysis & Interpretation
    • Review & Evaluation
    • Selecting the Right Product

We take pride – individually and collectively – in the quality of our work, the advanced products we provide, the quality services we provide, and in the recognized and validated efficacy of our continuous improvement program. We take pride in meeting selected customer needs ahead of our competition.

A team of young, passionate and visionary people. The management of TouchActiv has a long, varied and distinguished career in the aftersales of the automotive industry, over a span of 43 years. This includes starting the careers in early 90's and being involved initially working with OEM Franchise Dealerships and sales and marketing for multinational companies. This was followed by a successful career helping to build and establish a new brands into a world-wide product name in the industry at senior management level and later at Director and shareholder level.

After giving up successful careers, TouchActiv has been launched to add the missing Touch in the automotive industry which is in ever need for Preventive Maintenance & Service products from reputed manufacturers who have established strategic business association with Automotive OEMs. It is an entirely new venture to cater to the ever-changing needs and requirements of the automotive aftersales.

By becoming an OEM registered vendor, TouchActiv has added a strong credential to its name.

The quality products represented by TouchActiv are manufactured in Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and United States of America by reputed manufacturers holding strategic partnerships with various Automotive OEMs worldwide. These manufacturers hold various certifications and come with strong credentials, these include ISO9001, TUV, SAE, exclusive Patents etc.

The mission of TouchActiv is to source and make available consistent quality products that meet and satisfy the needs and the requirements of the ever evolving and demanding automotive industry.

With our strong relationships with the manufacturers across the globe, We have ability to source the best of products from consistence quality manufacturers from across the globe.

We put our client's success ahead of our own!

Team TouchActiv!