Welcome to TouchActiv

We welcome your visit to our website. We specialize in sourcing and supplying preventive maintenance and service products to the after sales. We represent and source the products from reputed manufacturers across the globe, who offer consistent quality products manufactured under highest quality control certified under ISO, TUV, SGS, Intertek etc. The products & services are backed up by our professional support.

We are sure that our user friendly website will assist you in finding the right and correct products for your requirements

Why Choose TouchActiv?

There are hundreds of companies to choose from. Finding one you can count on and build a relationship with for the long term is a difficult task. Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision for your needs by choosing us.

To us, it’s not just work – we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We take support one step further by tailoring our support to suit your needs & requirements.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re dedicated about the quality of products & services we provide with professional support.

Although we are a new company, we’ve have rich experience and extensive knowledge of after sales successfully for over 43 years.

Our manufacturing partners hold strategic business relationships with Automotive OEMs across the globe.

TouchActiv is a registered vendor with OEMs in the region.

Above all else, we are a fun, challenging and an engaging business to work with!